Happy Birthday

B: Happy Birthday.

A: Thanks dad.

B: Did you have lots of presents?.

A: What a question. You and mum bought them.

B: I’m just pretending… for the reader.

A: Oh yes. Lots then.

B: Everything you wanted?”

A: I suppose so. What did you have for your birthday when you were seven?

B: A typewriter.

A: What’s one of those ?

B: (thinks hard) It’s a computer.. sort of…

A: Can you play games on it?

B: Not really.

A: So not very much like a computer then is it?

B: Well, you type words on it and instead of a screen you have a piece of paper.

A: Why?

B: So that you can … print something out.

A: And save it? Or email it?

B: Not really.

A: So why didn’t you just write it?.

B: Because it was modern.

A: Was it quicker?

B: Not really….but anyway I can’t wait until you have this conversation with your daughter.

A: What daughter?

B: When you’re older and you have to explain to her about computers.

A: What about them?

B: Well there’ll be new things then..

A: Like what? Play Station 6 or something?

B: No. Something different. Something you haven’t even thought of yet.

A: Like what?

B: Oh I don’t know do I. It hasn’t been invented yet.

A: Right.

B: …………………………

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