B: Why?

A: Why what?

B: What is it with Organisations and trust?

A: Tell me more.

B: Well why don’t Organisations seem to trust any of their employees?

A: For example.

B: For example – every office I go in there are signs telling the staff what to do – what not to do ; “Now wash your hands”.

A: Like people need reminding.

B: Yes. It’s not as if I.. or one.. weren’t going to do it – but now that you’ve told me I’m not sure I want to.

A: Yuk.

B: Theoretically.

A: Hypothetically?

B: Hypothetically. Or that thing were you go away as a team and produce a card with a set of values on it.

A: I thought that would be right up your street

B: Well it is sort of, but I wouldn’t feel the need to carry a card around with me telling me I’ve got to be nice to people.

A: It’ll be to do with Jack Brehm and reactance.

B: Uh?

A: Jack Brehm hypothesised that if you attempt to restrict a person’s freedom of choice they will naturally react against that restriction.

B: For example.

A: For example forbidding children eating salad would encourage them to want to eat salad.

B: A good tactic that doesn’t work so well on you.

A: Ah but I know that it’s manipulation and react more strongly against the manipulation than the salad eating.

B: Of course you do. So where were we?

A: Restricting people only makes them want something more. Also why prohibit grown up downloading anything they want to.

B: Within reason of course.

A: Within what reason?

B: Well you can’t have people accessing adult web sites all day.

A But would they though?

B: Well maybe for a while then……

A: Get bored – there’s no rules to break. I guess it would get pretty dull after a while.

B: Probably, but what about shopping online. It’s using the company time.

A: Please…. Just because you can track it with a computer programme this time doesn’t mean it’s not happening all the time.

B: Suppose so.

A: And what about treating people as adults. If you were in charge would you put restrictions on your pc? Of course not but others…

B: Well….

A: What arrogance. So you’re saying – “I’m OK. I can trust myself but not others “. You’re as bad as the rest of them.

B: Sorry

A: Go to your room

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