A: Been quiet lately?

B: I know – busy, busy, work, work, work. You?

A: Busy, busy, play, play, play.

B: I’ve just read a fascinating book though?

A: More fascinating that Sonic the Hedgehog on Playstation 2?

B: Yes.

A: Really?

B: No. But quite interesting. It’s Blink and it’s quite boring but one of the underlying premises is that we are far better being making instinctive judgements than we believe.

A: Really.

B: Oh yes. We often make instant decisions which turn out to be spot on.

A: Fascinating. For example….

B: For example we’re often far more accurate going with our gut feeling about the right person for the job than we are after a thirty minute interview.

A: Wow. So we could do away with all that interviewing nonsense?

B: Absolutely.

A: Then you’d be out of a job?

B: I’ve thought of that. I’ve a new plan. I’ve even coined a phrase for it.

A: I wonder who coined the phrase “coined the phrase”?

B: I have no idea. Anyway my new technique is ‘speed interviewing’.

A: Wow. Like Sonic in a suit?

B: Exactly. It’s perfect. Goodbye 4 week assessment centres. Hello 2 minute interviews.

A: Imagine the cost savings.

B: Imagine.

A: Any downside?

B: Just the one.

A: Oh.

B: I’m not convinced it works.

A: Ah well. Don’t get bogged down in detail.

B: Exactly. I think I’ll patent the phrase.

A: The ‘coined phrase’?

B: Yes – “speed interviewing”.

A: Doesn’t it bother you that it doesn’t work?

B: Not really. No other form of interviewing works.

A: And you would know that because…..

B: I teach it.

A: Of course you do. The only surprise is that’s I’m surprised…

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