I’m a bit divided.

On the one hand, I write about the world of leadership and management – theory and practice, motivation, leadership skills, change matrices and decision making, communication, customer care, bottom lines, double-loop learning and stress, resilience and assertiveness,  attribution theory, behavioural interviewing, project management, group think, Egan’s Shadowside and Scholes’ excellent Cultural Web.

Which is fine.

However, I also write about golf. If inuits have 50 words for snow (which they don’t) then I wish us Welsh had 100 words for grass. It would make my life a lot easier.

I have written a number of books and articles on each area. However, thus far no-one has approached me to make a film of  ‘Tenby to Celtic Manor:  A History of Welsh Golf’ starring Tom Hardy …. thus far.

Surprising Netflix has offered me obscene amounts to make a TV series of ‘ 25 Management Techniques in 90 Minutes’, featuring Andrew Scott. I’m assuming they are involved in some bidding war with Amazon Prime.

I have been a columnist and feature writer for a diverse range of publications – Across The Board (U.S.A.), Business Day (South Africa), Career Times (Hong Kong), C.F.O. (Australia), Golf Today (U.S.A.), Management First (U.K.), Management Today (Australia), Marketing Magazine (N.Z.), Public Servant (U.K.), The Age (Australia), The Guardian (U.K.).

I was the author of Tales From the Front (HRD Press, U.S.A – and 25 Management Techniques in 90 minutes (MB2000),  From Tenby to Celtic Manor – a History of Golf in Wales ( Gwasg Carreg Gwalch) ‘.

And I’ll go t’foot of our stairs …… I’m listed on the Writers of Wales database



4 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Hello Byron
    Really love your blog. Found it while searching for anyone who might have a clue as to why we bother playing medals and stablefords when the computer always adjusts to stableford scores before applying handicap adjustments. Do you have any insights? I have disgruntled ladies on my hands who would do anything but play in medal comps!

  2. Hiya Byron, I loved the first chapter of ‘It’s About a Murder, Cariad’. I don’t want to give you a swollen head, but there’s a touch of Dylan Thomas about your writing. Wonderful descriptions and observations. I’m just off to Amazon to get a copy and look forward to checking out more of your work.
    You may enjoy my novel ‘New Voices in the Valley’. Humour and crime and baffling behaviour in the Valleys in the present day. You are under no obligation to say nice things back to me. Regards, Karenne

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments. Much appreciated. I’ll have a read of your book when I get the chance. valleys humour from australia? Should be interesting 🙂
      diolch yn fawr

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