Equal Opps

B: So, what’s the recipe today Jim?

A: ……….

B: Too long to explain. Translates as ‘W

hat would you like to talk about today?”

A: Sexism.

B: Ah ha. And you’ve asked me because you realise it’s a topic I’m well-versed in?

A: Not really. Because you’re a cove.

B: A what?

A: A cove, a cuffin, a damber, a bloke, an ice cream freezer…

B: ?

A: A geezer, an hombre, a man.

B: The man?

A: A man.

B: You’ve been at that slang dictionary again haven’t you?

A: I have. So tell me the differences between men and women?

B: Biologically?

A: Psychologically. And don’t give me that Martian / Venusian nonsense either.

B: Well. Let me give you an example. There was a job offered in the newspaper and the salary was £55,000 / annum. No women applied.

A: Ah ha.

B: Then the post was re-advertised at £35,000 / annum and several women applied.

A: Interesting.

B: And what does that tell us?

A: That in this particular instance it would appear that there may have been a lack of self-esteem amongst some women looking at this advert. This is probably the result of thousands of years of you treating us as second class citizens, peg puffs, gixies, molls or mivvys.

B: This may be true and I apologise.

A: So you would agree?

B: I can’t really see any other explanation. But things are better than they were?

A: Oh yes. We can vote, go to some golf clubs, almost get paid the same as men in some cases.

B: Absolutely. It’s only a few years ago that John Wayne said, “Women have the right to work wherever they want – As long as they have my dinner ready when I get home”.

A: Yes. And look where he is now.

B: Point taken.

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