An Old Bob Dylan Record

B: Been reading stuff on blogging

A: Oh dear. So this edition will be an old Bob Dylan record then?

B: ?

A: Forget it. Too subtle or too bad a pun. Pray continue.

B: I’ve found that people blog for a number of reasons.

A: Such as?

B: Such as this list I found of the top 10 reasons to blog;
1. It’s good for business.
2. It improves your search-engine ranking.
3. It makes you more valuable to your customers and prospects.
4. It will generate more traffic for your site
5. It will improve your sales.
6. If you participate in Google’s Adsense program, you can make some big bucks, even if your visitors don’t buy directly from you or they go to your competitors.
7. It can get you and your company noticed.
8. If you add RSS news feeds to your blog, you can get loads of content without working so hard AND you can easily distribute your blog’s content to other bloggers and websites. (RSS means Really Simple Syndication)
9. You can invite your readers to comment on your posts, thereby creating a better relationship with them (and increasing the possibility that they will buy from you).
10. You can have fun writing about your company, products, industry, competitors, conferences you attend, just about anything!

A: So what do you think of this list?

B: Without swearing?

A: Yes please.

B: No comment. However I did find one interesting reason on a Canadian site though;
“Why do you blog? A very simple question that could have as many different answers as there are bloggers out there. In an age where increasing consumerism and cynicism seem to dominate the public mood when it comes to things like politics and social events, it is reassuring to see many people creating blogs and posting opinions. It is reassuring because it demonstrates that people still care about particular issues and want to debate. If no one wanted to debate, what would be the point of posting opinions online where anyone can read and comment? I blog because of that very reason, to stir debate, perhaps even controversy, but always in a way that seems credible. This blog is mostly political, because that is one of my main interests. Blogging is a very powerful opposition tool, the Tories made very good use of it during the Liberal hegemony years, and now it seems it is Liberal blogs popping up here and there. C’est de bonne guerre as we say in french.Some will write to criticize, others to offer suggestions or solutions, while others may just want to be heard in a world in which the noise we hear is not of automobiles or any other noise pollution, but the noise of indifference and a sense of powerlessness.

A: Is this genuine?

B: You can’t make this stuff up can you?

A: So why do you blog?

B: Well I also believe that in today’s society there’s a sense of isolation and by blogging the individual can feel that their voice will be heard.

A: Right?

B: Or, they’re a bit sad and dillusional like me and think that some influential figure will accidentally come across their blog and sign them up.

A: Like?

B: Like Steven Spielberg or Woody Allen.

A: So Steve or Woody would somehow read this, laugh uncontrollably, ring each other up and say ‘have you read this blog?’ and both offer you a film contract.

B: A script. They’d offer me a script to write. They would have both been working on this ‘Jurassic Park’ meets ‘Annie Hall’ movie and would need a script writer to supply the dialogue and the witty one liners.

A: And the film would be called?

B: I don’t know I haven’t thought about it much… Jurassic Hall or Annie Park I guess.

A: What does the inside of your head look like?

B: ?

A: So, would you recommend any blogs to our reader?

B: Absolutely not. They’re all written by a bunch of navel-gazing, shoe-staring, indie-listening, Belle and Sebastian-loving, environmentally-friendly, ‘it was so much fun in the 60s/70s/80s* (*delete as required) bores’, under-valued, pretentious, vegetarian, socialist, ‘I have every word Bick Hicks ever wrote’, Guardian-reading,’one day I will buy a bike’ , ‘I have every song The Beatles ever wrote’,’potty trained at gunpoint’ types.

A: So, if our reader were to find one that was interesting.

B: I’d be delighted to read it, review it and then prove them wrong. As Bill Hicks once said – “Do not debate me on this one”.

A: What a challenge.

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