A: I notice this page has been ever so subtly changed.

B: That’s right. It’s officially a blog now.

A: Really. Does that mean we can address more serious matters?

B: Such as?

A: Such as the prostitution of the English language by a bunch of neo-fascist warmongers, especially the United States.

B: Tell me more..

A: For example the euphemisms for war and civilians – ‘Enduring Freedom’ was the name of the Iraq war I gather, and civilians are now know as ‘unlawful combatants’.

B: This is true.

A: Did you know the US changed the War Department to the Department of Defense? And terms like ‘friendly fire’ are anything but friendly I gather.

B: Good points. Well made. It’s a bit like ‘Lazy Town’ being called Lazy Town when in fact the people are anything but lazy in that town.

A: That’s meant ironically. There is a difference.

B: Anything else while you’re on a rant?

A: Just one more thing. I was intrigued to read that the operational definition of war crimes at Nuremberg was anything the enemy did that the Allies didn’t do – according to Noam Chomsky.

B: I see.

A: Bill Hicks wouldn’t need to try very hard these days would he?

B: That’s true. To go back to your original question then ‘no’ I don’t think we’ll be getting all political on this site. Look at all the other blogs – it’s old hat. It’s all been done.

A: So that’s your reason for not doing anything?

B: Ah the impetuosity of youth….. Yes that’s one reason.

A: So how can you sleep knowing that Bush says that “Those who harbor terrorists are as guilty as the terrorists themselves” yet allows Emmanuel ‘Toto’ Constant (killer of around 5000 Haitians) to live in Queens, New York, as long as he checks in with the Immigration Service everyday?

B: Everyday?

A: Every single day.

B: I keep constantly reminding myself that I didn’t vote for Bush.

A: You voted for….?

B: Well… You need to remember there was no Plaid Cymru candidates actually standing in Southport at the time.

A: So, you voted for?

B: OK I admit it. I’m sorry. You wouldn’t believe it but the other options were worse.

A: You are joking?

B: I wish I were. I wish I were.

A: And the US have declared their intention to move from the ‘control’ of space to the’ownership’ of space. I don’t remember voting for that.

B: You’re 7 you don’t get to vote on anything yet.

A: Why?……….

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