My Parents Are Aliens

B: I’ve been watching a lot of children’s TV lately.
A: Why would you want to do that?
B: Basically because you have control of the remote.
A: Good point. And…..
B: I love some of it.
A: Me too.
B: I especially love ‘My Parents Are Aliens’ and ‘Charlie And Lola’.
A: Me too.
B: Why do you like them so much?
A: They’re funny. That’s what counts.
B: I like them because they are superbly written, witty, and contain little nuances and ideas that are sadly lacking in most ‘grown-up’ programmes.
A: Oh, tell me more..
B: ‘My Parents Are Aliens’ is a series about three children whose parents are dead and who have been adopted by aliens. Not perhaps the most traditional of childrens’ programmes topics.
A: Why are you telling me this?
B: Just in case our reader hasn’t seen it.
A: OK. It’s not because you’ve had to adapt a review you wrote that the Guardian turned down?
B: Of course not. ….. Yet like some of the truly classic programmes (‘Bodies’, ‘Six Feet Under’) it deals with life, love and loss from a new angle. ‘My Parents Are Aliens’ is unafraid to tackle issues of death and loss as no other current programme (pre or post 7 p.m.) does. It never shies away from the big issues and deals with them directly and openly. Apart from death, loss it tackles religion, depression, or anything that seems to crop up.
A: Well that sounded totally natural. Now would you like to tell me about ‘Charlie and Lola’?
B: ‘Charlie and Lola’ is different. Charlie and Lola are a pair of siblings who are so accurately drawn that it’s almost cruel. Lola is the star. She’s everything a child should be – cheeky, irreverent, self-obsessed. However, it’s her brother that really works for me. He’s the antithesis of the stereotypical teenager. Traditionally he would be sulky, moody, fighting with his parents a la Harry Enfield. Yet he’s sweet, human and really loves his sister. It’s one of the most heart-warming programmes you’ll ever see.
A: Well put. I think Charlie and Lola is really funny as well.
B: And that’s what counts.
A: And that’s what counts.

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