Is Anyone on Twitter Not Writing a Book?


Is Anyone on Twitter Not Writing a Book?

I ask this because, obviously, I am and I‘m wondering who is going to have the time to read it, and more it. In the spirit of prevarication / research I’ve started to explore the twitter / writer phenomenon. I began, and ended, with the question – why do people write? Specifically. why do people write and tell you why they write on twitter?

I decided to look at twitter bios – I thought this may give me a clue. Three hours later I feel so, so sad and exhausted. If I see one more ‘I write because nobody listens’ I will cry. Don’t try this at home. I feel you all owe me one now. I’ve spared you the time, energy and heart break.  I’ve gathered the best / worse/ saddest / funniest and most moving.

I like the straightforward ones –

‘Please buy my book. I owe people money.’

‘I write books, so I can buy food. Sometimes they have sex in them.’

‘Writer, dreamer, procrastinator. Author of fantasy books, curator of nonsense.’

‘Author. I make stuff up and write it down.’

I like the sad ones –

‘I write the TV commercials you’ll never see because you got up to use the bathroom.’

‘Married stay at home mom of two kids, a dog, and a cat with more cleavage than me. I write because it’s safer than jumping out of a plane half drunk.’

‘I write books and not just because I can’t bear the thought of a real job. But that’s part of it.’

I like the strange ones –

‘I’m not smart. I just wear glasses’.

‘Wordy bird. Reader, Master of Arts. Twitter addict. Compulsive RT-er. Old soul. Author of ‘Letting Go’. Had a glass of champagne at my cousin’s wedding once.’

‘I write because writing is therapeutic . and i apparently am in need of therapy.’

I quite worry about the very strange ones –

‘I feel words all day long. They reach inside me. Tug at my heart. Make me think. Want to share. My Atmosphere. Would like an agent for my memoir.’

‘I write because I keep searching my lost soul in the strings of words I weave. Have a far-fetched dream of making sense.’

‘I write because the dead girl told me to.’

‘I write stuff on my hand because it helps me remember things and when I can’t think of something I make grunting noises til I can figure it out… ‘

I love these –

‘I write because they won’t let me play with the scissors anymore.’

‘I write fanfiction. It’s a fun hobby and I’ve met a lot of wonderful people because of it. 🙂 I’m not a pro writer & I’m not trying to promote my work.’


One thought on “Is Anyone on Twitter Not Writing a Book?

  1. Interesting post! I’m going to start asking the authors I feature on my blog to tell my *why* they write — first question out of the gate. Hhm…statistical data of “why” in conjunction with other stuff might make interesting fodder for…something. Now you’ve got me thinking. (That’s never good!) 😉

    For the record, I write because I can’t *not* write.

    Why do you write?

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