“My name is Byron and I am a golfer.”




I believe this – “When you play a golf ball that is properly fit for your game, your shot execution will improve and you will shoot lower scores.”

and will buy this – 

“Even Softer Feel, More Distance and Longer Lasting. Tour-proven around the globe, the Titleist Pro V1® golf ball is engineered to deliver exceptional distance, consistent flight, very soft feel, Drop-and-Stopgreenside control and longer lasting durability. The multi-component construction of the Pro V1® golf ball utilises a softer compression ZG process core technology, features a responsive ionomeric casing layer, and an improved high-performance Urethane Elastomer cover system with a 352 tetrahedral dimple design.”


I believe this –

“When you slip on this specially structured compression shirt you will feel a sensation of “connection” which is exactly what the best ball-strikers feel as they are swinging.”

and am willing to look to like this


I believe there are things out there that things can help my putting accuracy, muscle memory, driving distance and decrease my scoring average by 10 shots in a week. For example –

the X is a very clever helper. A mini-computer that clamps to your driver (a putter version is being developed), it takes a million measurements per second to track the crucial speed of the swing right up to when club head meets ball. Slowing down the swing before impact is said to be a major problem for players of all levels. So, using the X, it’s possible to self-correct and gain those crucial extra yards.

and I am willing to buy things like this –




I read about things like this-

“a kinaesthetic golf training aid which can be used at home or at the golf course. It develops your muscle memory of the optimum golf swing, helping you feel what it’s like to hit the perfect shot.”


and will buy things like this this-



Why? It’s no different from anything else – stopping smoking, writing that novel. We want a magic way to move from a hacker to a single figure handicap without  all the time, effort and application. 

It’s pathetic really – as if the clothing wasn’t bad enough. There is some hope however –

I read this –

“It’s a true innovation in getting the most out of each trip to the restroom.? Get one for the office and one for home.? Finally, you can play some golf without all those bothersome people? ”

But  didn’t buy this –



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