The Story of Golf II – The Emperor Constantine Awakes

Constantine with rod

“Regulus, my favourite monk. I’ve had a dream.”
“Emperor what is it?”
“It’s a series of mental images and emotions occurring during sleep. I thought you would have known that”
“I do know that. I mean – describe it,the dream, to me.”
“An angel appeared holding a sceptre looking like a walking stick and a very small white orb.”
“And he told me we had to move Andrew.”
“What? Why?”
“The angel dropped the orb, hit it with the sceptre and said that we had to deliver the relics to the West, in the utmost part of the known world.’”
“The angel told you that you had to move the relics to the most distant, uninhabitable part of the world.”
“No. Not me – you.”
“I should have guessed. So I’m off to Wales then.”
“Did the angel mention anything else?”
“Yes. You must take Andrew’s holy rod with you.”
“The stick he was buried with?.”
“Did the angel mention anything else?”
“Just one thing. Beware the one they call Daly.”
Regulus set sail that very evening.

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