The Story of Golf I – Andrew on the Beach at Patras

St Andrew

“So, what was he like then, as a boss?”
“Good. A bit quiet, but really good to work for.”
“In what way?”
“Well. He just left you alone to get on with really. Trust. He trusted you totally. What more would you want in a leader?”
“Nothing…sounds good. You were the first weren’t you?”
“I was. Probably alphabetic”, he laughed
“….. and now the last.” he sighed.
It had been a hard ten years but now it was nearly over. The clouds were dark and the sea looked angry. They had been a month in Patras and their journey was coming to an end.
They walked further along the seafront towards the rocks. Andrew bent over to pick up a longish piece of driftwood and started examining it.
“Gopher Wood.” he announced
“Wasn’t that the wood from the ark?”
“It  was,” announced Andrew as he started swinging it.  Maximilla found some circular pebbles and before long the pair were hitting the pebbles along the deserted beach. The sun had appeared through the clouds and it seemed like this was the final perfect moment.

Suddenly the moment of peace and tranquillity was ruined as the wind sprung up and the waves crashed against the rocks they were walking on. Aegeas and twenty one men soldiers rushed forward and grabbed Andrew. They began dragging him away toward a decussate cross. He leaned over to Maximilla and resigned to his fate, whispered, “Remember these last moments”

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