Random Conversations Number 2 – Albert

Albert determining angle of attack from bunker

It was Albert’s first year on the Scotland golf tour. Every 2 years the SMGS went to Scotland on the Wales v Scotland international weekend and played golf for a week, They played a number of golf clubs every day in and around Edinburgh and watched the match on Saturday. Albert was nervous. He’d been playing golf for a few years but had only encountered the electric, intense SMGS atmosphere on a few occasions and knew very few people in the group.
It was the first tee at a nameless, but tough and windy proper links course. There were 12 waiting around the first tee pretending to stretch and wake up and have their last cigarette (of the front nine).
Dev (has become the self appointed leader, and welcomer)

Albert. As a special honour you get to tee off first

Very muted applause, some abuse and a general murmur of ‘bandit’.

Here you are I’ll even put your tee in the ground for you and line you up. It’s tradition

Albert walks onto the tee and stares into the distance. He shakily places his ball on the tee and mutters to himself

Slow swing…slow swing

His bottom is going like a trout’s mouth as he lifts the club and hits it, not great but straight and quite long. He smiles at Dev.

Dev smiles back, turns Albert around 180 degrees

Well done. Now there’s the first fairway

He points down the fairway, in the opposite direction to Albert’s tee shot,

I suggest you wander back to your ball and see if you can hit a couple of 5 irons back in this direction

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