What Really Happened with Tiger on the 10th at Augusta

Remember the other day when Tiger Woods was caught using a cell phone out on the 10th green during a practice round? It was later clarified that he was using the phone to take a video of Mark O’Meara and his putting stroke… But can we be sure of that? GolfCrunch has obtained a transcript of what exactly went on that day, right on the 10th green.

Tiger Woods on his CellphoneTiger Woods
(on phone)

Hello Elin. You can’t phone me here I’m at work….



Yes really I am….

I’m with Mark……

No he’s putting he can’t come to the phone …

No, there are no women here….

None at all apart from some press and spectators…

No I don’t know any of them….

No none of them are pretty. I’ve apologised for that do you have to….

Sorry. I forgot…

Honestly it is just Mark and me. Look here’s a photo…


Mark can I just take a photo of you putting… It’s for Elin.

(back on phone)

You see. Just me and Mark working…

I’m not sure when I’ll be home, probably Sunday night…

It starts on Thursday…

Look we’ve been through this – it’s practice days before. I explained that…

Originally published in Golf Crunch April 7th 2010

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