New Book – ‘Tales From the Front’


A: Welcome back.

B: It’s been a little while I know, again, but …

A: Busy… busy… busy.

B: Absolutely.

A: So, what’s new?

B: Well, what’s new is that my book is finally, nearly, here.

A: Excellent – and it’s called ….

B: ‘Tales from the Front’.

A: ‘Tales from the Front’? An interesting title.

B: Well it’s a combination of 2 titles – Tales of the Riverbank ..

A: …and something with ‘front’ in it?

B: ‘All quiet on the Western Front’.

A: I see, an anti-war novel written by Erich Maria Remarque about the horrors of that war and also the deep detachment from German civilian life felt by many men returning from the front.

B: Yes, a classic tale of several schoolmates who represent a generation destroyed by the dehumanization of war.

A: And a TV series about Hammy Hamster.

B: Featuring his mate GP the guinea pig… but that’s another story…

A: A question springs to mind – why? Didn’t you originally call it ‘A Trainer’s Diary’?

B: I thought the title would evoke an image of those olden days – conjuring images of the trainer as explorer, trail blazer, hero, trend setter.

A: Trend setter?

B: Well perhaps not trend setter but a title that suggested a sense of loneliness, the danger, the humanity and the inhumanity of it all.

A: Um….

B: Whilst still retaining the old-fashioned charm of a happier, more innocent age where animals talked and had fascinating, but fifteen minute long, adventures.

A: So you thought of all this?

B: Well not exactly – my publisher thought of it.

A: Still, It is a ‘Weekly Diary of the Laughs, Tears, Stresses, Triumphs, Fortunes and Misfortunes of a Management Trainer’. Did you write that?

B: I refer my honourable friend to my previous answer.


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