The Art Of Deception


A: So changes afoot I gather?

B: Yes. Big website changes.

A: And we’re to be moved to an inside page I take it.

B: Yes. More professional to have the reader see what they can buy on page one.

A: What would that be?

B: That would be me.

A: Interesting.

B: Think of it as an advert, or a number of adverts advertising different things.

A: Like The Times used to?

B: I believe so.

A: They changed that though.

B: So I guess we’re ahead of the Times?

A: Or behind the Times?

B: Possibly.

A: Will the blog maintain the same quality though?

B: Absolutely the same.

A: Shame.

B: ?

A: Joke. So, why the change?

B: Trying to get some commissions, some work, some money.

A: I see. Why not try some sales tips?

B: Aren’t all sales techniques designed to trick ‘he who is by nature resistant to change; He who is gullible, not very bright, the ready dupe of the charlatan and the demagogue.’

A: So….

B: Just curious. Tell me a technique that would work?

A: “It’s not too late to send £1 to Byron today.”

B: Will that work? Would people just send £1 for no reason?

A: It’s supposed to work – a bit like overpricing.

B: I like the sound of that.

A: Well if someone asks how much you cost just add a zero to the figure.

B: What good will that do?

A: People will assume you must be fantastic and commission you.

B: I see. So if someone wants a 5000 word article on Leadership Skills for Farmers, or something….

A: You quote them a price with a zero added.

B: So I’d quote them £500.

A: Add a zero.

B: I have.

A: You are joking?

B: Am I?

A: No wonder we can’t afford an i-pod.


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