A: So, tell me again, what exactly do you do all day?

B: I’m a trainer stroke management stroke personal consultant.

A: I refer the right honourable gentleman to my previous question.

B: Well it depends….

A: On…

B: On what I’m training, consulting….

A: Please. Just give me a clue. It’s for my homework.

B: Well, for instance, last week it was diversity, assertiveness and customer care…

A: Diversity being?……

B: Encouraging people to get along, be nice to each other, respect differences…

A: And they pay you to do that?

B: Of course.

A: Why would they need you to teach them that?

B: Because some people don’t act very nicely toward other people who are different.

A: Like Gretchen?

B: Gretchen? The new girl in your class?

A: That’s right some of the children picked on her?

B: Because she’s different?

A: That’s right.

B: Because she’s Scottish?

A: No.

B: New? Wears glasses?

A: No and no.

B: What then?

A: Because she’s a cat.

B: I see.

A: But it’s OK because we’ve taken her into our cat gang now.

B: Right. And the children picking on her were…?

A: Dogs.

B: Real dogs.

A: No. They like dogs better than cats, of course. We don’t have real dogs in our class.

B: Of course.

A: So what’s assertiveness about?

B: Pretty much the same really.

A: Customer care?

B: Ditto – to customers.

A: So, let me check this. You get paid a fair amount of money for the one song. Is that right?

B: As did Roy Wood’s Wizzard, Status Quo……

A: ?

B: Before your time. And anyway I didn’t hear you complaining when you wanted new sandals.

A: Touche.

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