Croeso y Cymru

A: Croeso y blog
B: Blogio ?
A: Dim. Yn Cymraeg “Y blog” nag “blogio”.
B: Nice to see you’re getting the hang of this Welsh language.
A: Diolch.
B: Enough now.
A: So explain to the reader the lack of a blog for many moons.
B: Well as the discerning reader would have noticed we’ve moved country.
A: Back to Wales.
B: Correct.
A: And what have you noticed in this move?
B: People. They’re more extreme …. more aggressive…. More open…. More outspoken…. more caring…. more passionate…
A: For instance.
B: In a shop yesterday I saw an assistant refuse to sell a bracket and telling the customer that they were cheaper in another shop.
A: Good example. Before you get too ‘drwgdybus o estroniaid’ (xenophobic) tell me this isn’t just a Welsh thing.
B: True, but I’ve noticed this passion more in the past 5 weeks than I have for a lonfg time.
A: Ok. So could you put this into a business or management context?
B: It’s difficult to get that passion into business.
A: So what can you do?
B: Well, Peter Senge describes the passion staff have for the company in a pyramid with committed at the top, then enrolled, compliant, grudgingly compliant, apathetic or saboteurs.
A: And….
B: And you need to get the people moving up this pyramid.
A: And in most Organisations people are…
B: I guess they’re grudgingly compliant in the main.
A: And to move them to enrolled or committed you need to …
B: Inspire them. A vision in important.
A: Great… any idea how?
B: I’m working on that next step.
A: Thanks. What a pile of cachu iar.
B: Which means what exactly?
A: Inspirational and intellectual gold dust.
B: Diolch.

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