Croeso y Cymru

A: Croeso y blog
B: Blogio ?
A: Dim. Yn Cymraeg “Y blog” nag “blogio”.
B: Nice to see you’re getting the hang of this Welsh language.
A: Diolch.
B: Enough now.
A: So explain to the reader the lack of a blog for many moons.
B: Well as the discerning reader would have noticed we’ve moved country.
A: Back to Wales.
B: Correct.
A: And what have you noticed in this move?
B: People. They’re more extreme …. more aggressive…. More open…. More outspoken…. more caring…. more passionate…
A: For instance.
B: In a shop yesterday I saw an assistant refuse to sell a bracket and telling the customer that they were cheaper in another shop.
A: Good example. Before you get too ‘drwgdybus o estroniaid’ (xenophobic) tell me this isn’t just a Welsh thing.
B: True, but I’ve noticed this passion more in the past 5 weeks than I have for a lonfg time.
A: Ok. So could you put this into a business or management context?
B: It’s difficult to get that passion into business.
A: So what can you do?
B: Well, Peter Senge describes the passion staff have for the company in a pyramid with committed at the top, then enrolled, compliant, grudgingly compliant, apathetic or saboteurs.
A: And….
B: And you need to get the people moving up this pyramid.
A: And in most Organisations people are…
B: I guess they’re grudgingly compliant in the main.
A: And to move them to enrolled or committed you need to …
B: Inspire them. A vision in important.
A: Great… any idea how?
B: I’m working on that next step.
A: Thanks. What a pile of cachu iar.
B: Which means what exactly?
A: Inspirational and intellectual gold dust.
B: Diolch.


Published by: byron kalies

Writer, golfer and golf writer, I have developed and moved on (not permanently in case there are any publishers reading this) from the relatively straightforward world of management consultancy with motivation, leadership, change matrices, decision making, communication, customer care, bottom lines, double-loop learning, stress, attribution theory, behavioural interviewing, project management, group think and Johnson and Scholes’ Cultural Web, to the complex and unfathomable world of describing places where people can hit a ball into a hole. I have written for a number of golf magazines and newspapers including 'Golf International' , 'wales on Sunday' and am currently golf correspondent for Cambria Magazine (Wales's Magazine) and blogger for Wales Online.

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