A Question From Our Reader

A: A question from our reader.

B: Really?

A: Really. ‘Dear Wise One, What do you think about the trend to ‘animalise’ management lessons?’

B: Is that a word?

A: What?

B: Animalise?

A: Course it is – it means ‘Ability to portray through use of animals as a metaphor information which ….”

B: OK. OK.

A: There are examples. “Who Moved My Cheese?”, “Gung Ho!”

B: Well I quite like those books.

A: (astonished gasp)

B: Well they’re thin, quite expensive so I guess they make Spence and Ken a fair amount of bucks per word

A: And the content

B: Oh please. “Who Moved My Cheese?” fails on so many levels.

A: I hear Disney are turning it into a film.

B: Really?

A: Tom Hanks will play the lead, of course.

B: How can it last more than 5 minutes? I’ll précis it for you – “Be flexible – mice are.”

A: Jealous?

B: Totally.

A: So what would you’re animalised book be?

B: Is this another question from the reader?

A: Yes. I forgot to say it was a 2 part question.

B: “Who stole my cheese?” – because basically that’s what the pesky mouse did.

A: Let’s move away from mice shall we.

B: Zebras. Who stole my stripes. It would be an expose of the jungle where the zebra, who is the wisest and most cunning of animals, is also the management consultant / project manager of the group.

A: Go on.

B: It’s to do with the ying and yang of her stripes. She always sees both sides of the argument – and when she’s eating…

A: Ruminating

B: That’s when she’s thinking – deep, deep project management thoughts. Then she gets all the animals into a clearing and explains how she’s going to work with them. Gives them an overview, some project management principles and assigns roles and responsibilities.

A: And implements an evaluation process.

B: Of course. Why do something if you can’t measure it.

A: That old zebra saying ..

B: Yes. I think I’ll call it “Developing the Zebra Within You” or “Principle Centred Zebraship”

A: Catchy.

B: Did you know Mr Ed the talking horse was really a painted zebra standing on a platform? Check it out.

A: Fascinating

B: Or that zebras never get ulcers?

A: Enough

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